We are your partner for special effects

We’re more than a special effects provider – we’re a client-first special effects partner. We work with you to understand your business needs, create innovative ways to help you achieve your creative goals and take care of all the permitting and logistics required to make your show a reality.

We provide
end-to-end solutions

Our flexible, well-managed teams always meet the individual needs of our clients on a global scale. This way of thinking has played a large part in helping us form some of the longest-lasting relationships in the industry.

Unmatched Customer Focus

We strive for the highest standards of professionalism, accountability and efficiency in the industry.


A collaborative co-creation process helps ensure we provide exactly what you need, every time. 


This industry is our passion – but we know it’s also your business. Which is why we’ll always bring the highest standards of accountability, proactive thinking and professionalism to the table.    

The Results



Pyrotek has visited over 1600 venues since 2012



Pyrotek has visited 72 countries since 2012, spanning 6 continents



Talk about a road trip! Pyrotek travelled 97,000 miles with Bruno Mars on his 2017-2018 24K Magic Tour

How We Bring Live Alive.

Initial Discovery

It all starts with a project kick-off. Whether it’s with the tour manager, artist manager, production manager, or artist, we get all the essential details (event dates, venues, stage layout) plus all the exciting, thrilling ideas around the vision. When you chat with us, don’t hold anything back! These details are essential to the start of our work together and the future of our exciting partnership.

Assembling Your Team

Our team is made up of a large variety of special effects professionals located across North America. Based on your project, we assemble a team that will best suit your needs and bring your vision to life. No matter how big or intricate the effect, Pyrotek’s special effects professionals have the talent and experience to pull off anything you can dream of.

Concept Creation

Our Designers brainstorm initial concepts with you, we then bring in our Product Specialists and Permitting and Logistics specialists to ensure what we’re proposing is possible. They make sure the right mix of equipment and products is being used, and that the idea complies with all venue and location regulations. For pyrotechnic special effects, we also connect with different manufacturers (where needed) to select the best product for the desired look. We narrow down the options until we have one solution everyone is excited about. And we keep you actively involved every step of the way.

Development & Testing

Now it’s time to build the prototype. Our Facility Staff, Technicians, and Product Specialists are involved in the development. For any of our custom designed equipment, our Engineering and R&D staff will conceive, design, and test any items to make sure they meet performance, safety, and quality standards. We invite you to be a part of the process and view any initial or advanced prototypes. Depending on the special effect, testing is done in one of our many facilities across North America.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

The special effects are loaded into rehearsals before the live event or performance. Usually, this is the first time you will see you special effects at full scale! We carefully evaluate the effect’s performance, alongside the artist and backup performers. Following a full run, our team will refine where needed and ensure everything is in safe, working order before showtime!


This is where magic truly happens!

The live event is where all of the elements perfectly come together. When working on a tour, we can change up the order or angle of effects to create different looks and keep things interesting. We’ve even been known to read social cues from the band to launch certain effects and continually keep crowds on their feet!

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