The Sound: Kendrick Lamar, The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

The Solution: Multi-Flame Bars (Special Effect)

The Science Behind It

The special effect created for Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy performance accomplished three things we love in the pyrotechnics business – it was adaptable, it was quick to create, and it looked amazing. The original set idea was a huge junk pile that was to look like it was being set on fire. But as the creative process evolved, the concept changed to be more of an African tribal bonfire. So, using the same design we created for Britney’s Ring of Fire during the Circus Tour, we took four of our Flame Bars and with the help of Scenic Route (the set construction company), integrated them into the set filled with ceramic logs. Because we used an existing piece of flame equipment, all the safety testing was already done – so it only took a week or two to create and only needed a couple of tests before show time.

The giant bonfire went off without a hitch and continued for Lamar’s entire performance of “Alright”. It was the perfect backdrop as the crowd of tribal dancers drummed and moved around the stage. Kevin Hughes, Pyrotek’s Senior Product Specialist, recalls the effect as “one of the largest flames I have ever had on stage. It was a constant 10 feet of flame and went for a good 3-4 minutes.” More than just an amazing spectacle, the massive fire pit helped to solidify the message behind Lamar’s lyrics – creating an iconic, unforgettable performance.