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    Project Showcase: Post Malone – 2019 PostyFest

    PREFERABLY, THE BIGGER …THE BETTER. If there’s anything Post Malone loves more than beer pong, it’s pyrotechnics and flames. After a monumental 106 show tour highlighting his 2018 Grammy-nominated album, beerbongs and bentley’s, Post Malone continued to climb the ranks to become one of the world’s biggest genre-bending superstars. He smashed Spotify streaming records; put his name on […]

    Expectation vs. Reality: How Pyrotek Achieves Both

    What’s really exciting (and challenging) for us is creating an idea so big and so realistic that it has the power to create a reaction. It’s one thing to dream up an idea. It’s another to take that dream and make it real. We specialize in both.

    Post Malone, beerbongs & bentleys Tour

    For Post Malone’s beerbongs & bentleys tour, we used a variety of pyro and lasers to compliment the thrust stage setup.

    Kendrick Lamar, The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

    The special effect created for Kendrick’s 2016 Grammy performance accomplished three things we love – it was adaptable, it was quick to create, and it looked amazing.

    Flame Bar – Britney Spears, Circus Tour

    This was a great example of how we not only created a unique special effect, but how we used that same technology and adapted it in a brand new way.

    Bringing New Innovations to Life, Safely and Reliably

    Innovation is exciting. Especially in the special effects industry. But innovating in this industry also involves a lot of heavy lifting to ensure that everything has been covered.

    Innovation in Live Event Special Effects

    Pyrotek thrives in an industry that demands new ideas every day. It’s not a question of whether we should innovate, it’s how we do it.

    Introducing the New XL Cryo Jet

    Pyrotek’s new XL Cryo Jet offers designers a cryo jet plume that is higher and thicker than standard jets.

    Introducing the New Kinetic Wave 2.0

    Kinetic Wave 2.0 brings the widest array of movement options available, which allows designers to create entirely new realms of visual display.

    Wall of Foam – Rihanna, Anti Tour

    Sometimes the challenge isn’t coming up with the idea itself, it’s how to bring that idea to life.

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